libretto cafe + deli

The goal for this project was to brand a figmint coffee shop based on a music genre with a custom made font. The font had to be created by me and be based off a standardized typeface. The music genre was Opera, along with Baskerville as my reference font.


Libretto Custom Font

I started by researching Opera theatre to find a theme to go along with Baskerville. From my research I found that Opera was a type of theatre that worked heavily with the orchestra, and that the performances required the actors to over dramatize their characters. The Libretto font was designed with both music and the drama of theatre in mind.

The inspiration came from the font Baskerville. Since this font was used as a baseline for the custom font, I thought it fit well with using in the logo and body text. It’s a beautiful Serif font that’s good for most situations. ​